Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Facts of Life

Well, it's official.  My body hates itself.  It has taken to attacking itself not just in one form but now two.

After a promising doctors appointment two weeks ago during which I found out my A1c has dropped down to 6.4 (Yay! Go me!) I found out the results of a blood test they did the same day.  The test came back positive for auto-antibodies indicating that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  So my body first said " Scree you pancreas, we don't want you here anymore," and is now saying the same to my joints.  

While part of me is relieved to know what the constant worsening pain in my pinkie is, part of me is, of course, saddened and partly afraid.  I waited two weeks to hear the results of the blood test, will wait at least the weekend and most likely part of next week for a referral to a rheumatologist, and then it sounds like a 3 to 6 month wait to actually see said doctor.  My biggest concern for the wait is that during that time I will do my best to self educate, learn about all the possible downfalls of yet another chronic illness, and worry myself about them.  

So thank you immune system.  But I guess that's the way it is.  If Nick at Nite taught me anything it's that you take the good.  You take the bad.  And there you have.  The facts of life.  (Thanks Mrs. Garrett.) end shameless 80's sitcom reference