Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dead Dexcom

Last night before going to bed I got a low battery alert on my Dexcom.  So, when I crawled into bed I plugged it into the USB cord on my bed like I always do and drifted off into dreamland.  I had polished off a few remaining Christmas sweets earlier that night and was a little high but had taken a correction bolus before bed. All through the night I was awakened by Dexcom alarms.  Each time I would assume it was me still being high, glance at the screen through blurry eyes and go back to sleep because things were trending down toward normal and I didn't want to deal with a midnight low.  It wasn't until this morning that I realized what those alarms really were.  After waking up with two tiny humans crawling all over the bed I drearily rolled over to check my by status.  I was surprised to see a low battery warning on the screen.  I assumed it had come unplugged at some point when I was checking it during the night so I tried to plug it back in but something did not seem right.

Upon further investigation I saw the USB port had been pushed up inside the Dexcom receiver and was freely wiggling aroun inside.  I tried unsuccessfully to pull it back to where it should be a few times before giving up and throwng it on the bed in disgust (I'm not a morning person, especially after a night of constantly interrupted sleep).  I stewed in my frustration for a few minutes while I tried to decide how I was either going to afford a new receiver or adjust back to life without a CGM.  The Pretty Lady in My Life kept her cool and found online that this had happened to a few other people and Dexcom had replace theirs under warranty.  I was relieved but not looking to spending time on the phone fighting with customer service representatives (It's that whole not a morning person thing again).  I called the customer service number on Dexcoms website, ready to have to answer a million questions and try to justify why this should be covered by the warranty but I was wrong.

I followed the phone tree to technical support, was on hold for maybe 30 seconds and was greeted by a customer service rep (whose name I wish I could remember).  I explained my situation and she asked for the serial number from my unit and confirmed that it was still under warranty.  She asked if the unit had been dropped or exposed to water and made sure address was correct.  Next she told me the new receiver would be sent out today with overnight shipping but probably wouldn't be here until Thursday because of New Years.  I was in shock.  No long hold times?  No twenty questions?  No attempts to get out of covering the replacement?  The whole process took less than 5 minutes.  She even threw in a free sensor because I would have to change mine prior to the 7 days when the new receiver arrived.  Hands down the best experience I've had dealing with a customer service from any company, for any issue.  Good job, Dexcom.  You are doing it right.