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It was July 17, 2011, just one month after my daughter was born.  I felt like a typical, fairly healthy 26 year old except the fact that I had spent way to much of the vacation we had just returned from in the bathroom.  A simple internet search about frequent urination was enough to prompt a doctors visit where I was told I had Type 2 diabetes.  Me.  26 years old, 140 lbs.  Type 2?  I didn't question it at first, after all doctors are supposed to be the experts not the patients.  However, when the oral meds stopped working about 8 months later and the doctor just wanted keep throwing more expensive ones at it I decided I'd had enough.  All had to all but demand a blood test, one that the doctor had no idea existed no less, but it confirmed my suspicion.  I am a Type 1 diabetic.

I started this blog as a place to try to sort through the mess of feelings I that creep in now and then.  I don't blog as often as I would like to most of the time but hopefully the posts I do manage to get up find a way to help someone.  Below you will see a list of people who make a frequent appearance in the posts.

The Human Pincushion (Me)- Born in 1985, diagnoses type 2 in July 2011, re diagnosed as Type 1 in January 2012.  I live in the Boise, ID area where  I currently work as a manager at a major retailer.  I am very passionate about volunteer work and have coordinated 2 ADA Community Walks, participated in my first JDRF walk this year, and helped with several events for Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs and Camp Hodia.  My goal is to make this not just volunteering, but a real job someday.  Perhaps working at a non-profit involved in the lives of those with diabetes or perhaps starting my own.

The Pretty Lady in My Life (My Wife)- By my side since 2005.  She is a lifesaver.  She helps me remember what is important and that things aren't all bad at the right times.  She is an amazing photographer and sells some pretty cute stuff over at Etsy.

The Boy Genius (My Son)- Joined us 2008 and has kept us on our toes ever since.  He is always curious, sometimes to the point of exhaustion.  He never stops amazing me with that big old brain of his.

The Princess (My Daughter)-  Bringing up the tail, born in 2011.  She is all blond curls and attitude.  Her charm and personality now scare me for when she is a teenager.  She is just the right mix of cuddly and playful and I can't get enough of her infectious smile.

You can also find me on Twitter @HumnPincushion Instagram @cdlefevre and Facebook facebook.com/HumanPincushionExperiment

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