Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diabetes And Job Hunting

In nearly every book or website I read after diagnosis there was a section on disclosing your diabetes to your employer, current or prospective.  Should you or shouldn't you? How do you go about it?  I never paid it much mind because I didn't see myself as a job seeker anytime soon.  However, in the last couple of weeks I have put myself onto the job market and had my first interview a couple of weeks ago.  In the week leading into it I found myself thinking about how I would handle the diabetes aspect of it.  I am not afraid to bring up my diabetes but I'm also not one to just throw it into everyday conversation.  I had more or less decided that it wasn't something I would be talking about in the interview but it was bound to come up early on in the job , should I get it, and I would talk about then.  Basically, just let it come up naturally.  That's not quite how it went then.  About halfway through the interview I was asked what was something I knew more about than the average person.  Without a hitch I blurted out "diabetes."  After which I had to choose a product related to diabetes to sell to the interviewer.  I chose to sell them a Dexcom CGM.  Which was easy to rave about but I had to resist the urge to lift up my shirt and show them the sensor.  And I could not show them the receiver because I forgot it at home as I was trying to rush out the door.  So there it was, all out on the table.  I'm sure the topic isn't going to come about that way in most new jobs, but it also didn't seem to phase the two people delivering the interview either.  I would hope that most employers these days are able to see past something like this and realize that although we are people with diabetes, there is much more to us than that.

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