Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pic-a-day Nov. 2: Check

I was going to post a picture of the check I write to my doctor every 3 month but that didn't really seem like a good topic.
So instead I am going with.  My Dexcom G4 Platinum.  Which I check about 100 times a day it seems.  I am fairly new to using the Dexcom, having started in August, but it is already hard to remember living without it.  I am still contemplating how I am going to afford the sensors after the beginning of the year when my insurance deductible resets, but I know that it will be very difficult to stop using it.  I read a forum post a few days ago regarding CGMs.  Someone commented saying they did not see why anyone would spend money on one when it had to be calibrated with a meter and the manufacturer says not to make any decisions off the reading but to use it for identifying trends.  Even if all I did was use it to identify trends it would prove invaluable.  Being able to recognize that I don't need as many carbs at breakfast as I do at dinner, or see that my blood sugar is rising or falling prior to bed allows me to adjust my treatment to prevent highs and lows without doing finger prick tests 100 times a day.  That to me makes it worth every penny.
Also for the word check.  One of my son's favorite bedtime books is a National Geographic book about sharks.  It explains that sharks take a bite out of their food to taste it and see if it is ok to eat.  Occasionally he likes to make up his own words and read the books to us.  Tonight was one of those nights and for this page he said, "Sharks have to check their blood sugar to see if it is ok to eat."  That kid melts my heart.

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