Friday, June 14, 2013

Going Home

Yesterday marked the beginning of my first departure from home since being diagnosed as insulin dependent.  I am back in my hometown to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary with my family and will be here for 5 days.  I have been slightly stressing over the packing process for about a week now.  How much insulin am I going to need?  Should I pack some back up pens?  What will I do if I have an emergency and need to get more insulin.  In the end I calculate how much basal insulin I will be using and came to the conclusion that the current pen I am using has enough in it; and then packed one more as well as an additional pen for bolus insulin.  In the end I think I spent more time worrying about what to pack than actually packing it and arrived last night with everything I needed.  Well almost everything.  I seem to have forgotten my razor and shaving cream but I'd rather be conscious and hairy than clean shaven and unconscious.

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