Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pic-A-Day Nov.1- Past

This picture was about 1 week prior to my incorrect diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.  A month after my daughter was born we took a family trip to Colorado to visit my wife's family.  It was a wonderful trip despite having to use the bathroom twice before we boarded our flight, again during the flight, again as soon as we landed, and at every gas station we passed while we were there.  It was during our stay that I became increasingly worried that something was wrong and I did a quick internet search for "frequent urination" which led me to the website for the American Diabetes Association.  I read through the list of symptoms, silently checking them off in my head.  Increased thirst.  Check.  Frequent urination.  Check.  Constant hunger.  Check.  (This one I blamed on my wife's pregnancy.  Sympathy hunger?)  One of the most ironic statements I have ever made came about a week prior to our trip as my brother made the short trip with me to drop my dogs off at our parents house before the we left.  We were discussing his recent change in diet, having to minimize his intake of sodium, to which I said, "If ever I had some sort of health issue where I had to regulate what I ate I would be in trouble.  If I had to stop eating sugar I think I'd just give up and die."  Famous last words anyone?  Upon returning I used my last day of vacation to see the doctor, who then told me that I had diabetes, based on a blood sugar reading over 300.  And so started my journey...

Despite the constant bathroom breaks and life changing diagnosis at the end of it, this was still one of my most memorable trips with my family.  In fact I still contemplate a move to Colorado pretty frequently.

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