Sunday, July 27, 2014

Little Reminders

Sometimes living with diabetes seems very isolating.  I get stuck in this mindset that the non-diabetics around me (so basically everyone) do not understand it takes to live with a chronic disease day to day.  And while it is probably true that they can't understand, I often catch myself feeling that they don't care or want to care about it either.  In reality I know that this isn't true and it's good that I have small reminders now and then.  My ever curious son reminds me with his endless barrage of questions when I check my blood sugar.  "Dad, what is your sugar blood?" or "How does that machine tell your blood sugar?"  Or when he understands allows me to recover after a bad low when all he really wants to do is play with his dad.  Co-workers remind me by telling me they have a bag of emergency candy in the filing cabinet drawer after they weren't allowed to have a community candy drawer anymore.  But I think the biggest reminders come from the Pretty Lady in My Life, most of the time probably without her knowing it.  It is in the drowsy offers for help with a late night low and leaving the wrapper with the nutrition facts out when she cooks dinner.  And it is in her willingness to sacrifice so I can have things that may not be a necessity, but that make my life a little easier to handle.  Since it's so easy to get in that rut of feeling isolated and alone, I am so thankful for the little reminders that come about.

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