Saturday, August 2, 2014

When I Grow Up

When I was in High School I knew I wanted to be an architect. Then I realized I had to take a lot of art classes I didn't enjoy, wasn't good at, and wouldn't use.  So then I kinda thought I might enjoy being a teacher, possibly in History or English.  I also wanted to write books of some sort.  Then I met the love of my life, was burned out on college, and wanted to get my real life started.  I took the opportunity to become a retail manager and that is what I still do today.  I don't hate my job but there is really no passion behind it.  Long story short, I have struggled with wanting to know what I want to do with my life and how to get there.  Through the years at my current job I realized I want to work at a job where I can help people.  I considered the Human Resources route but parts of that still didn't seem like the right fit.  After my T1D diagnosis I had a chance to volunteer with several organizations and get a new fundraising event off the ground.  That helped me realize that I am passionate about getting the word out about diabetes and helping to make a difference in that realm.  I was thinking I really wanted to delve into the non profit world.  Then last week I saw this.  ConnecT1D was looking for an executive director.  I was past the deadline to apply and not the most qualified candidate in the field but I read and reread the job description time and time again.  I realized that this is what I want to do with my life.  I want to be a part of the team that is making the difference.  I want to connect with people like me and be involved in the lives of people living with diabetes.  I am passionate about diabetes (how can you not be when it's such a huge part of your life) and I get such a boost in my motivation and my mood when I get the opportunity to connect with people in that world.  Since that day my mind has been consumed with thoughts of what I need to do to get there.  I find myself day dreaming and searching the web for open positions.  While organizations like JDRF and ADA that raise money for research are appealing, what really intrigues me is a group that if focused on connecting PWDs and creating that support network.  I think it took seeing the position at ConnecT1D to realize that.  As I read through all the information on their website and found myself nodding in agreement and wanting to scream out YES!  This is what I've been looking for! I immediately emailed them about setting up an Adult T1D group in Boise and had a great talk with Lara Williamson, the Adult T1D director.  Now I am on a quest.  What do I need to get to that point?  Do I join someplace like ConnecT1D and start somewhere new?  Or do I start fresh right here where I am?  A funny thing happens when you realize what your dream job is and start feeling empowers to reach it.  I pay more attention to my diabetes and take better care of it.  So if there is a job out there that makes me excited and interested every day and makes me more motivated to take better care of myself why would I want to do anything else?

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