Thursday, October 9, 2014

When Mr. D Moved In

Just a month after welcoming The Princess into our family we took a trip to see some family in Colorado.  It was a great trip (I love Colorado, would even like to move there some day), despite having to stop at every gas station we passed while we were there.  Upon returning home we had a houseguest show up unannounced.  We'll call him Mr D.  I'm all for having company, but this guy was just rude.  He didn't call before hand, he didn't ask permission, and he didn't really put any kind of time frame on his stay.  The day after we got home from vacation he just showed up.  At first it was fine.  Having Mr. D around was inconvenient at times.  He forced us to look at life a little differently and I re-evaluated my eating habits and lifestyle after he moved in.  But the longer he stayed, the more baggage he brought in.  No matter what I do, I can't get away from the guy.  We might be having a nice family dinner and there he is, forcing his way in.  Telling me that I better check to see how many carbs are in that spaghetti.  We go out to a movie as a family and Mr. D just tags along, doesn't even bother to wait for an invite.  And then he ruins the movie.  If I don't do my math just right Mr. D has a tendency to make get up in the middle of the movie to go to the snack bar or the bathroom.  The Pretty Lady and I might go out for a date and, you guessed it, Mr. D is there too.  Sometimes those dates carry over to home and get 'romantic' and Mr. D manages to insert himself there too.  Sometimes he just sits there quietly and sometimes he interrupts.  Mr. D follows me to work and follows me back home.  He sucks up my savings and leaves bruises all over my body.  Truthfully, Mr. D is kind of a prick.  He has taken over a cupboard in our kitchen and has his own section in the fridge.  Some days Mr D. plays nice and I hardly notice he is there.  Other days he in mischievous and makes a mess of everything.  The guy is not a very good housemate, but we are learning to live together.  Because at this point it's pretty clear that he isn't planning on moving out anytime soon.

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