Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I keep learning

I had something I consider a breakthrough a few days ago.  Although I didn't see it for that at the time.  I had planned on spending my morning moving the remainder of the junk in my backyard and garage from the old house to the new one before going to work at Noon.  I got a somewhat early start, filled the back of the truck and headed back home.  Then, as I tried to get into the house through the front door, I realized I had locked myself out.  I had borrowed the truck I was using from my brother and only grabbed the keys to that truck when I left that morning, leaving my house key inside attached to my other car keys.  My next thought was "I'll just open the garage door and go in that way."  Wrong.  My garage door opener was in my car.  Which was locked, parked in front of my brother's house.  And where were the keys to that car?  You guessed it.  Inside the house I was locked out of.  After a few minutes of trying to devise a way to get in and discovering that the new house is rather hard to break into, I admitted defeat and called my wife to tell about my screw up.  I finally gave in to the fact that I would have to drive the 20 miles to get the keys from her at work.  I hadn't loaded the truck thinking I would be going more than the 1/2 mile between the two houses and definitely hadn't thought I'd be traveling on the freeway so I was a little leery about making the trip, but I really had no choice.  I had to be to work later, my clothes were in the house, and I hadn't showered.  So I made the trip to get my keys, got into the house and unloaded my everything from my first trip.  So I accomplished about half of what I had planned for the day and would be late for work.

Why is that significant?  What's the breakthrough?  I was feeling pretty bad after the whole experience.  I was upset, frustrated, and angry.  The last thing I wanted to do was go to work and interact with people.  A few months ago I would have written the day off.  I was already late for work so why go in at all?  I would have stayed home from work, been upset the rest of the day and just stewed in my depression.  But that day I took a moment, reflected on my feelings and if they were justified.  I ran a bath, soaked and relaxed for about a half an hour and let the frustration of the morning wash away.  Sure I was making myself a little more late.  But I was also taking control of my depression rather than letting it run away with my emotions and hijack the rest of my day.  It was a significant day for me because on a day when I could have let depression win, I overcame it instead.

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