Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What Should We Talk About

I am trying to blog more frequently and hopefully keep more people coming back to read.  Sometimes I just struggle to think of a topic and I keep telling myself that I need to participate in the monthly DSMA blog carnival topic.  But then, as I often due, I put it off and the month is gone before I know it.  But this month I am doing it!
So, the topic for August offers up two questions, the first being: What topics are you interested in discussing during DSMA?
It's no secret that I have been on a mission to find ways to connect to other adult T1Ds in my area.  I am always surprised to find that there are a lot of us out there but don't know how to bring us all together.  So (not surprisingly) the topic I would like to discuss is making connections in the T1D community.  What do others do to find and connect with people with diabetes in their area?  I have had the pleasure of interacting with several groups in the area which has helped to find some people but still not the variety I am hoping for.  I also got some great ideas from Lara Williamson with ConnecT1D.  I like the idea of a PWD Happy Hour or a game night.  This Cards against Diabetes game is very intriguing.  What do you do in your area to find other PWDs?

The other question is: What are two topics that you wished we talked more about?
I think the first topic is addressed pretty well above.  Another I would love to hear more talk around coping with stress, from life, diabetes, anything, and burnout.  I know there are a lot of resources out there for that but with such a diverse group together I think some real great idea would come up. 

This post is my August entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival.  If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at

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