Friday, May 15, 2015

DBW- My Diabetes be like...

This is my post for Day 5 of DBlog Week.  Interested in more?  Check it out here.

"If you could personify your diabetes or that of your loved one, what would it be like?  What would it look like, what would it say, what kind of personality would it have?  Use your imagination and feel free to use images, drawings, words, music, etc. to describe it."

Today is supposed to be about what I eat, but my schedule is crazy and the only thing that is very consistent is breakfast.  And my eating habits are a sore spot for me anyways so it's probably best to stay away from that one for now.  Instead I'll take a whack at turning Mr. D into a living, breathing, thing.  Instead of the lazy, do-nothing, pancreas it really is.

When I go low my diabetes is like a zombie.  Mindlessly searching for sustenance.

Or maybe it's like a stoner.  Don't want to move or speak, but I really have the munchies.

When my blood sugar is high my diabetes is like the Hulk, you never know what will set me off, but when I out

(Puny God)

Some days my diabetes is like a caterpillar in a cocoon, so quiet you hardly know its there.

(Sidenote: If you search cocoon on Giphy, you get a lot of Bjork videos)

And sometimes its a freaking monster.

But no matter what the day brings, my diabetes just keeps going and going and going and going and going and get the idea.

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And so do I.
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