Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DBlog Week- Poetry Tuesday: 38

My Hands and knees begin to shake
My Skin moist with perspiration
My Lips are numb and tingling tongue
A fog settles in over my mind
I don't walk but float to the kitchen
My Memory fails to tell me why I am there
My mind bounces like a bobblehead
The ability to focus has escaped me
I Prick my finger and test as if on auto pilot
A number too low for comfort flashes on the screen
My hand instinctively finds the plastic tube
Chalky goodness hits my tongue
I find myself planted on the couch in a sweaty heap
Unaware of how much time has passed
Vague memories slowly creep into view
Survived another low


  1. What a powerful poem. I know these feelings all too well. Great job writing this.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm still getting into blogging and its great to know that it resonates with someone

  2. This so so chilling because you have perfectly captured one of those bad lows.

    1. Those are scary ones. The one that inspired this took place while I was home alone trying to put my daughter down for nap so it shook me up pretty good

  3. Amazing poem! I have totally been there

  4. Awesome poem!!!!!!! I LOVE it! Great job! Can soooooooo relate!